Saturday, August 11, 2012

Now i think instead of MS Dhoni, our PM should be called as Captain cool. He remains cool and even silent too in every situation. Sometimes I wonder is he aware of problems India facing internally & externally. Please don't take me otherwise.  I  am saying this because he is busy in talking about entry of Rahul Gandhi into the cabinet. Has rahul achieved any milestone other than his media hyped night stay at poor families. His night stays have not helped poor families, as they are still deprived of basic needs. On the other hand, his visits has intervened their limited dignified private lives, which they have maintained behind the weak walls and roof. It opened their doors for the shameless media, which can report anything irrespective of content, to increase their TRPs. Rahul has not maintained a portfolio even in the state cabinet. So what makes him hot favorite to be included into the cabinet.
Has Manmohan Singh sold his soul or he buried it somewhere.  I am not authorized to talk these things about him, but, he is our PM and I am a citizen of India, so I am authorized to ask these questions. I have read and heard him a pro-nationalist leader whose integrity is above all speculations. But what my eyes are witnessing makes his integrity questionable. Don't you think he has taken a wrong turn.Isn’t his self respect gets hurt, when he says, he will happily vacate his seat, the day Rahul Gandhi wish to be PM.
The question of the hour is, “ Up to which level loyalty to particular family is justifiable over national interests. ”


  1. ankul , i completely agree with your opinion our Honorable PM has done really tremendous job in controlling the black money and lead India to grow . we all should support his brave decisions.


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